Breathing is, like, um, really healthy!

Thursday and this shortened week is about at an end. I have tomorrow off so for me this is the end of the work week, which is lucky because I’ve been half-an-omelet after the Memorial Day weekend! I’ll be one-hundred percent by next Monday, I’m sure.

Today I link to some articles that define the specific benefits of meditating. They are encouraging and illuminating. It is interesting to see all the medical research that has been building over the past few decades, but especially the past decade; research shows many and varied benefits from meditation, with no negative side-effects.

This is the second page of an article, but it is all the information this post needs! It is most effective at demystifying meditation and westernizing the practice. I encourage you, dear reader, to be sure to read this page! Don’t let the thought of meditating the “right” way add to your stress. Sure, you can attend special meditation centers or group classes led by trained instructors. But you also can practice meditation easily on your own.
Everyone Can Meditate

Here is a good read explaining that the healthy benefits from meditation can occur after meditating for short periods of time: It’s no secret that meditation can have powerful effects on the mind and body. What is somewhat surprising is the new evidence accumulating in favor of the idea that even brief bouts of meditative practice can help to reprogram the mind. As it happens, little steps have big effects. (The author also links to an earlier paper of hers proving that as little as eleven hours of accumulated meditation can improve brain functions, which is interesting, too.)
A Little Meditation Goes A Long Way

Here is an excellent and provocative article from Dr. Weil’s site that talks about meditation’s positive effects on stress and anxiety and depression. One of the things that is so amazing about this finding is that for a long time, scientists thought that each individual was wired with certain “set-points” for happiness, depression, and so on. This study shows that the brain can rewire itself and alter its set points – simply by the self-healing power of thought.
Meditation and Happiness

This is a short, three-paragragh article from Psychology Today detailing the way meditation reduces fear and stress while increasing happiness and serenity. It’s actually a shift in the brainwaves!
Meditation and Brainwaves

This link provides a short paragraph detailing a benefit of meditation and then footnotes the study/research/author. It lists eight physical benefits and eight mental benefits, but uses easy, everyday language in concise paragraphs. This article is most informative and well substantiated.
Sixteen Documented Benefits of Meditating

This author lists nine specific benefits of meditation taken from eight studies on the matter. Included are: reducing blood sugar, boosting the immune system, and enhancing memory.
Nine More Benefits of Meditating

Well, that’s a lot of research and evidence of the positive, healthy nature of meditation. It does make a difference in my days and when I’m out of the habit I feel the void. It’s a special time of the day when I sit with myself, just breathing, letting no thoughts grab me, and relaxing. I hope you are giving it a go, too!

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